Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Here are a few FAQ students/families have. Feel free to contact us with any other questions!
What should my student wear to class?


Clothing: Form-fitting, flexible attire (ie. leggings, dance shorts, tank top, or top)

Shoes: Jazz shoes or half-soles (no bare feet or socks)

Recommended jazz shoes: “Bloc Pulse Jazz Shoes”

Hair: Pulled back out of face in a ponytail or bun


Clothing: Black leotard, pink tights, black form-fitting shorts, or black skirt optional. Boys can wear white tank top or form fitting white top with black leggings.

Shoes: Pink ballet slippers

Hair: Pulled back, out of face, in neat bun


Clothing: Form-fitting, flexible attire (ie. leggings, dance shorts, tank top, or top)

Shoes: Black Tap Shoes

Hair: Pulled back out of face in a ponytail or bun

Hip Hop:

Clothing: Relaxed/loose-fitted clothing. Tshirts, shorts, and/or sweats

Shoes: Clean sneakers

Hair: Any hairstyle is fitting

Where should we park/drop off?

MVP does not have a designated parking lot. With changes to the neighborhood around us, we have been forced to be street-park only. Parking is available around our building on neighboring streets, and US Bank is available for parking after 6 pm.

We recommend dropping students off/walking students in from Mocha Teahouse (our neighboring business). As that is the closest outlet to our entrance.

How much are classes?

We have a monthly-based tuition fee structure. Student’s tuition will be based on the hours per week of classes they attend. A breakdown of our tuition charges is available on our main page under “Fall/Spring tuition”.

Our Fall/Spring and Summer tuition differ slightly as we adjust our class periods. Our Fall/Spring schedule runs from September-June and our Summer schedule typically runs from July-August.

How do I access my MVP account?

If you have a pre-existing account through our system you may log-in to your MVP portal for things such as class registration, credit card payments, etc. Use your main email address associated with your account as your username and select “Forgot Password” to create your own password.

If you try to register and an error of “a log-in with that information already exists” then we MVP already have an account associated with your email. If you have any questions on your information we will be glad to help you log in.


More login information is located under our “Online Registration” page, button “Need help…”

What is company? How do I join?

From ages, 7 – 18 dancers prepare pieces each season to compete at regional and national venues and conventions. Through this, they learn how to work as a team, also helping them to sharpen their technical skills, as they are constantly motivated to improve each time they perform through the adjudications they receive from the judges.

We host company auditions the summer before our competition season (typically end of June or mid-July). Decisions are released a few weeks after our audition date. If you are interested in MVP Companies and missed our audition date, please contact MVP at with your interest.


Click here for a further breakdown explaining what competitions and conventions are.