Learn It. Love It. Live It.

Whether you’re exploring the art of dance, or a career is your destination, MVP Dance Elite is here to take you to the next level.

Dancers in pyramid shape

MVP Dance Elite.
training dancers to be artists rather than entertainers.

MVP Dance Elite is dedicated to inspiring, training, and guiding dancers of all ages and skill levels in the Portland, Beaverton, and Tigard areas of Oregon to reach their fullest potential without compromising the dancer’s love and joy for the art.

Our goal is to provide the best training possible in order to produce strong versatile performers, with good people skills, that will enable them in a professional career in dance or any other avenue of their choosing. With over a decade of history, we pride ourselves on the sense of community and “home” our space feels like to dancers.

Meet Our amazing
Dance Teachers

Our instructors come from various backgrounds, styles and
areas of expertise, creating a diverse teaching environment
while providing students with well rounded training.


Jazz Class Competition


We believe the basic understanding of technique comes from a solid jazz training. Jazz is a dance form that appeals to everyone because of its energy, variety, and vitality.

Contemporary Dance Class Competiton


A strong foundation in modern technique is pivotal for the development of a contemporary or modern dancer.

Group of tap dancers on stage


Tap Dance is a timeless art that combines dance and percussion.


Ballet is at the core of all technical dance forms, therefore it plays an important role in the formation of strong performers.

Break Dancing Class


Breaking, also called breakdancing, is a style of street dance that has been popular for many years.

Hip Hop Class Competition


Our faculty offers a variety of styles that extend from hip-hop fundamentals to industry/fusion.

Musical Theatre Class Competition


Musical theater dances use jazz-based technique and movement to interpret music from Broadway and musicals.

Stretch Class in Session


A class designed to improve a dancer’s range of motion, enhance their muscle flexibility, and increase their level of core muscle strength.

Acrobatics Class in Session


Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline and concentration.

Lyrical Class Competition


Lyrical class is designed for intermediate to advanced students with previous training in ballet.

Acting Class Photo


Acting goes hand in hand with dance – providing performers with a deeper level of interpretation and understanding of dance.

Tiny Dancer Class Photo


An enjoyable, healthy, and wholesome environment for 3-5 year old students to begin learning dance.

Improv Class Photo


A big part of being a dancer is being able to express yourself through improv.

The competition is real.

From ages 7 – 18 dancers prepare pieces each season to compete at regional and national venues and conventions. Through this, they learn how to work as a team, also helping them to sharpen their technical skills, as they are constantly motivated to improve each time they perform through the adjudications they receive from the judges.

Girls dance team in competition routine